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By Wendy Lewis March 25, 2021


Intellectual Empathy with Ed Walters*1: A Multi-dimensional Travelogue



The emerald flag flashes.

I accelerate.

My mind spins out on Speculation’s Speedway.

Losing control, I skid on gleaming whimsy slicks.

Fetid fumes of contradiction daze the weak-kneed as they watch.


Habitually I crash…

Reason’s icy medians, splintered.

Throngs of wide-eyed spectators disperse as racers fight to stay the course.


A single moment’s totality of multi-dimensional knowledge

is discovered…


in a cognitive Gladstone Bag2 beneath my seat.

Thankfully, I have sufficient badassery






Grandstand megaphones belch 1884’s undigested Flatland*3wafers

as geometric genius glows on massive jumbotrons.


Pursuing and pursued,

the racecar takes fallacious turns

causing sonic booms that short circuit my realities.

Thwaaaaaaack! THWAAAAAAACK!

I am now a distance runner

on another track,

in another space,

chasing Spot, the rabbit

down its




Come with me!


Revelatory panoramas

from Alice’s Wonderland*4a,4b



We touch the intangible.


Our reborn palates sample sweet and sour crudités, briny bites, and spicy, bitter herbs.

Peculiar aromatics mesh with sights and sounds of Neversensed

filling atmospheres with pungent postulations.

Diatribes by one-dimensional men*5 punctuate lengthy cadences of Doublespeak*6.

with murmured tomes of aggregate hypotheses, totalitarian politics, and 2020’s nanoworld;7

of fermions, bosons and anyons of hashtag 2D.


We crawl breathlessly through Zeroth’s Void

to point, X,

to line, X,

to square, X times Y, only to realise that

we are simple, two-dimensional cut-outs:

fragile rice paper fragments

sketching ourselves

with colourless markers

and blue ballpoint pen.



X, Y, Z…when square transmutes to cubic;



capriciously kinetic.

We are 3D forms thrust into kaleidoscopes,

whirling ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round in Magyar’s Czárdás friss.8 [chahr-dahsh fri-is]

We celebrate with colorfulness of joy,

“Confetti to the power of three!”


From cube to tesseract, a 4D tetracube.

X, Y, Z,



I had wondered what would follow Z

and discovered they

had shifted alphabetic gears, moving in reverse towards Cube’s next iteration in ninety degree








Length, width, breadth and trength!9

Elusively Dynamic Inseparable Temporality and Space.

Fourth dimension’s synchronous EDITS

are wrinkling our time!*10


We twinkle:

multi-faceted stars in never-ending diagrams.

            Nested prisms in perpetual motion have exploded!

A zillion brilliant tetracubes spiral across galaxies of imperceptibility.

We rub our eyes straining to see our 4D transformations through earth-locked 3D lenses.


Let Minkowski Spacetime11 rock us into Nth dimensions!

Wrapped in “Good Vibrations.”12.

Supercharged by Infrared.*13

“Ride Captain Ride upon your mystery ship
On your way to a world that others might have missed”14


At Odyssey’s next port of call, we’ll disembark.

“Cheers to champagne soul!”15, hoisting a toast before the Fifth Dimension*16

takes us “Up, Up, and Away”17 in phantasmagorical balloons.


Dangling and determined, we grasp ethereal strands of Superstrings;*18,19

Vibrational cascades from 4D and beyond.

Concealed dark matter attempts to pull us down.20

We resist, clinging tightly to serrated tendril waves.

In our distress we ponder past and present particles…where time is not.


Gossamer matrices; spanning, spinning, suspended along otherworldly highways;

to the theory of everything,

the theory of nothing

or intelligent design.

Surfing aeriform spume in extramundane realms.

for the mega something, the big bang,

or the indications of significance.


Swoosh, Swish, Swooshhhhhhhh!

The checkered flag

waves IN…MY…FACE…

Voiceless finish lines shriek, “STOP!”


Substandard finale.


No balloons. No ships.

No rabbit. No track.

No grandstand. No car.


No longer we.


At my feet…

an empty Gladstone Bag.2



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About the author

Wendy Lewis; visual artist, poet and Canadian woman of colour. Born into the Montreal experience a la Vico Magistretti, “look(ing) at usual things with unusual eyes”. 

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