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By Wendy_Lewis March 29, 2022


When blustery rhythms rise upon a ho-hum mundane morning

          my pulse responds in counterpoint.

At window-side to peer through egg yolk sheers.


Citrine rivulets pierce the stillness,

         blurring vision in mercurial light.


Luxuriant maples sketch frenetic shadows on the glaze:  

         flickering inky projections,

         phantoms of litterfall,

         diaphanous spectra.

         Animated graffiti, the backdrop of midsummer vernissage.


As curator of this fledgling arid squall, I present,


Masterpieces of Motion; A Celebration of Anemology,

         Episodic intersections of converging currents.


Critical commentary provided by prevailing winds:

        transients from four corners of the globe,

        gathered in paisley bindles, spilling cosmopolitan narratives.


Barren limbs, mourning verdant years, drone russet requiems.

Gangly “bad grasses” fan unseen pharaohs lounging in backyard neglect.

Airy wisp-fingers grasp at everything: retaining nothing.


Curious breezes peek through casements.

They knock.

The sash is opened to let them in.

Musty dustiness, curiosity’s parasite, explodes on entry.


Trashcans clang-a-boom!

Windblown boughs in cancan petticoats high-kick over rooftops.

      Prosaic tin whistles wail; coerced by restless whirlwinds.

      Effervescent spurts of huff and puff,

pizzicato gusts,

clamoring swirls,

percussive thrusts,

caterwauling guffaws,

exhilarating blasts.     


    Unseen and freestyle.

    Both culprit and creative.



Enter the raging Ventosus Horridus.

I shrink back and stare into its unbridled stormy eye.


    though perhaps not.


    bow and bend,

    sway and snap,

    crash and crush.



    Didactic placards obliterated.

    Installations shattered.

    Disorder reigns.

This tumultuous titan irrefutably beyond restraint.


Altercations; fierce and raucous, leave us… breathless.

…until at last, the Howling Airy Beast is muzzled —

sent plummeting­ into silence.


Image credit: original photograph by Wendy Lewis

About the author

Wendy Lewis; visual artist, poet and Canadian woman of colour. Born into the Montreal experience a la Vico Magistretti, “look(ing) at usual things with unusual eyes”. Wendy is a 2nd year Graphic Design student at Dawson College.

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