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Frank Mulvey   November 4, 2011


The TWO WORLDS exhibition is a joint project between 34 Canadian students in the Illustration & Design Program of Dawson College, and 34 Chinese students studying at the Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute.  The artworks in this exhibition explore personal identity.  Canadian and Chinese students present artworks that express each other’s worlds based on biographical texts, as well as their own worlds.  Each Chinese student is paired with a Canadian student.  This cultural and artistic exchange project is brought to you by SPACE, in conjunction with the Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute, the Confucius Institute in Quebec and the China Project of Dawson College, The Illustration & Design Department and the Fine Arts Department of Dawson College.

This virtual exhibition accompanies an installation of prints of all of the artworks in the 5C corridor of Dawson College, 4001, de Maisonneuve ouest, Montréal, Canada.  Exhibition dates: November 16 to 30, 2011.

Frank Mulvey
Exhibition Coordinator


The TWO WORLDS project is the result of a virtual dialogue between two schools separated by over 10, 000 kilometers of land, water, and sky. Cities, mountains, the silent depths of oceans, fill the vastness of geographic distance between Suzhou and Montreal. The entire northern hemisphere, to be precise. How to bridge the gap? This is the challenge two groups of art students faced when they were asked to draw each other’s portrait without the opportunity of using a visual reference. They didn’t have much information to work with, only a short text penned by their overseas partner. It described a few of their physical features, hobbies, an aspiration or two. But these young artists rose up to the challenge. Employing their creativity, skills, and empathic intuition, they imagined what they could not see. Here we have images not of physical facts, but of the intangible qualities of personality and individual spirit, signposts of our common humanity.

Anna Carlevaris, instructor

Read the student biographies that inspired the artworks in this exhibition (organized by pair number).

CHINESE BIOGRAPHIES (Canadian biographies follow below after this section)



1 Cai Shuli

My name is Cai Shuli, 19 years old. I’m a thoughtful and patient girl with long hair, single-fold eyelids,and a flat nose. I like reading, painting, handcrafts, and calligraphy.
It makes me happy to remember last night’s dream, but not a nightmare. I find it wonderful to look at myself in the dream as a bystander, and sometimes the dream became my source of inspiration.
I like going to the market where I can see fresh vegetables and lovely fishes. I’m not afraid of using a kitchen knife, but I don’t like cutting raw meat, which makes me very uncomfortable.
I like observing everything around, especially the people! Their facial expressions and even the folds of their clothes will arouse my interest.
I love my major, and want to become a professional illustrator, so I’m working hard and trying to make my college life meaningful.



2 Chen Dawei

I’m an outgoing boy, 180 cm tall, with black and thick eyebrows, small eyes and mouth. I like cool hair style.
I was born in a warm family. I like to stay home by myself, but that does not mean I’m a lonely guy. I’m not easily defeated, and I have been working hard to get my classmates’ and teachers’ approval.
I want to tell you a story about my childhood. One day I was taking a nap after lunch. I overslept and didn’t wake up until the evening. My mother thought I was playing outside and got lost. She was scared, and looked for me everywhere. When she was back home and found that I was lying in bed sleeping heavily, she embraced me tightly!
I like listening to music, especially rock music. Backstreet Boys is my favorite. I like movie and football too, and I’m a fan of Nicolas Cage and Lionel Messi.



3 Chen Jing

Hello, my friend! My name is Chen Jing. Chen is my family name, and jing is my given name, which means “quiet” in Chinese. You can also call me Shirley. I guess my parents wished that I would be a gentle and quiet girl; but I am not as quiet as what I look like; I can only fully express myself before acquaintances. I’m 20 now, 157cm tall, 45kg. I have shoulder-length curly hair, neat bang, big eyes, and oval face. I have many hobbies, such as singing, dancing, reading comic books. I am good at playing badminton, and if you like badminton too, we can play together. I like the color pink, but I don’t like to wear pink clothes. I look forward to making friends with you. Thanks.

4 顾莲莲


4 Gu Lianlian

My name is Gu Lianlian, I am a cheerful and outgoing girl with beautiful black longhair and bright eyes. I’m short and a little fat, so people like to can me “Tuantuan”
which means ball in Chinese. I like eating, especially braised pork in brown sauce. It’s
sweet and delicious. I love it very much. I have many hobbies, and I love sports,
especially table tennis, which is speedy and full of passion. When I was a child, I wished
that I could join the national table tennis team some day, and I would be proud of
myself by then. But that’s only a dream. It seems easy to control a small ball, while
hard and impossible to control the world. But there’s also something that I’m proud of
myself. Although I’m only 1.5 meters tall, I can jump as far as 2 meters, which is the
best record in my class. I’m really proud of it.
Well, that’s me, an ambitious girl who has always liked snakes.

5 郭杰明


Guo Jieming

Hello, my name is Guo Jieming. I feel I’m avant-garde, and I think differently from the others. I’m extroverted, and easygoing. I’m always the activist in my class, and everyone feels happy to be with me. I idled away for some time before I went back to college, and I learned something from my experience. I like small animals; they’re very cute. When I was a child, my dream was to live together with the lovely animals. I also like vicious and loyal animals. I’m good at playing billiard. I like playing basketball too, but not good at it. I’m thin though I have a good appetite. Do you like me? Well, I almost forgot to tell you that I’m handsome. Ah…

6 杭天宇

你好,我是你即将认识的朋友。你可以叫我杭天宇。我的长圆形的脸庞上戴着一副眼镜,深棕色头发 ,有着一双深褐色的眼睛 ,略显木然的眼神。

6 Hang Tianyu

Hello, I am Hang Tianyu; you can call me Sky Hang. I have oblong face, with a pair of glasses, dark brown hair, and brown eyes.
I love Japanese animation, and I always watch animation for entertainment. Besides, I like creative goods, and I’m good at observing things that are usually neglected by people. I like to have fun with my friends.
I always bring a sketch book with me, and doodle down the beautiful things before they slip away from us.
I like playing billiards with my friends, and we often played it for hours.
I think you’ve known something about me.

7 金忠伟


7 Jin Zhongwei

Hello, my name is JinZhongWei.
I’m a cheerful person. I don’t have outstanding appearance, but I get well along with others. I’m not very tall. I have a pair of small eyes, a flat nose, and thick lips with messy hair. With ordinary appearance, I wish to have extraordinary life.
I like playing guitar, singing, and listening to music. I like pop music very much, and I like singing while listening in a quiet night, feeling the happiness or sadness that music brings to me.
College life is colorful, with abundant professional knowledge, interesting community activities, and all kinds of students. We enjoy it.

8 江楠楠


8 Jiang Nannan

My name is JiangNanNan, 21 years old. I’m an optimistic, cheerful girl. I like singing. I like to walk in the countryside, listening to the music, looking out over the fields and the smoke from the kitchen chimney, and breathing the soil and the perfume of flowers while singing. I feel comfortable to listen to the songs that gradually disappear with the gentle wind.
I have an ordinary experience with small eyes, shoulder-edge curly hair and onion-like nose. Probably you can see my stubbornness from my lips. I wear a pair of big-frame glasses. I look like a good boy, but in fact I’m a little rebellious. I like to try new and exciting things.
In my spare time, I like to go around the market in the countryside, where is my source of inspiration. Standing still in the bright sunlight, I can touch the heart of the farmers. Fresh fruit and vegetables, plain loud shouts, hands with wrinkled skin and callouses, and dark, smiling faces—- that’s what makes me excited and happy for long.

9 金涛


9 Jin Tao
My name is Jin Tao, about 1.7 meters tall, short hair, and small eyes.
I have many hobbies, such as swimming, singing, listening to music, and watching horror movies. I once watched nearly twenty horror movies alone. It was scary, but I like the movies.
I like to stay in the dorm instead of going out. I’m rather introverted, and I don’t have many friends, but I do have deep friendships with the friends I have.
I like rich color, different styles of clothing and hairstyles. I hope my life can be as rich and colorful as the things I admire.
My ideal is to become a professional illustrator, and to find a job in a large company. I hope I can achieve my goal through hard work.



10 Ke Youjiang

I have a not-too-long face, big eyes, and black hair. I’m not tall, but I like sports, such as table tennis, badminton and football.
Because I’m the youngest in my family, I have been loved by all the people around me, just like living in a castle. In order not to make my family worried about me, I seldom go out, and gradually I get used to staying at home. I don’t like going out, nor talking to strangers. I don’t know how to express my feelings. Now I’m trying to change myself, to get out of my own world and into the world of the others.
I like to listen to some Japanese and American pop songs, like Michael Jackson. I like watching movies, especially animated movies, such as “the toy story” and “cars,”, “seconds 5 cm speed”, and so on. My favorite producer is Hayao Miyazaki, father of the Japanese animation film.
I want to be a freelance designer. I want to drive to Tibet, to experience the spectacular scenery there and get some inspiration.

11 李坤


11 Li Kun

Hello! Although we have never met before, I still want to say—- Nice to meet you. Well, I’m a tall and thin boy with black hair and bridged nose. I’m 1.8 meters tall, and my eyes are not too big.
I’m a little introverted and not talkative. But that does not mean I don’t like to make friends. I cherish the friendship I have. I have many sincere friends, who always support me and have concern about me.
I like wind, and I wish to be as free as the wind, with no constraint. I like running and playing in the wind with my friends, which makes us feel as free as the wind.

12 罗俊楠


12 Luo Junnan

I’m LuoJunNan. I was born in 1991. I’m a typical after-90 girl with double character. Sometime I’m quiet and introverted, while sometimes I’m quite extroverted and passionate.
I have an ordinary appearance with light eyebrow, medium-size eye, small nose, small mouth, long hair, medium figure and some pock marks on face.
I have many hobbies, such as reading novels, listening to music, and watching movies. I like watching movies about vampires. I like XuChong, who is a very popular singer on the Internet. I like his voice.
I hope I’ll be successful in the future, and can find someone who loves me.

13 罗芮婷


13 Luo Ruiting

My name is Luo Ruiting. I was born in Wuhu, China, which is a very beautiful place with many lakes.
I’m easygoing and I like to play with my friends. I have short hair. I like reading comics, watching animations, playing games, and drawing cartoon. I published some illustration works on a cartoon magazine, and I’m working on two short animation works. I like Hayao Miyazaki. The Castle in the Sky, The Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, are all my favourite animation films.
My college life is very rich and colorful. I joined the cartoon club in our college, and there are many activities. We often rehearse, go out, and play together.
I have many dreams, such as to be a cartoonist, illustrator, and game concept designer. No matter what the future will be, I will work hard.

14 李杨


14 Li Yang

I like to wear gray or red clothes, and I like quiet places. I dyed my slightly-long hair yellow. I like winter, because I can see snow and the snow makes me feel every comfortable. I don’t like to talk too much, but I will listen attentively. When I feel lonely, I will find a beautiful place, and stay there quietly. I don’t like to share my thoughts with other people, but sometimes I do feel lonely, so that’s very controversial. Music has had a strong influence on me. I like Jay Chou’s songs. His songs “Listen to my Mother’s Words,” and “Grandma” reminds me of my childhood and my grandmother.

15 马骁


15 Ma Xiao

My dear friend! I am an outgoing boy. I have an ordinary appearance with a pair of glasses. I had long hair a year before, but now it’s short! I like sports, and I go running every morning with my roommate. I also like to make friends. I like painting best, especially oil painting. I’m not good at expressing myself in words, but I can express myself by drawing. I like blue sky, and I love to sit beside the lake watching the sunset to feel the beauty of nature.

16 施思


16 Shi Si

Dear Canadian friends!My name is Shi si. I was born in 1992. I’m 178 cm tall, and I’m a little fat. I have black hair, a round face,big eyes, and ordinary nose and mouth. I like listening to songs, and playing guitar. I don’t want to be disturbed when I’m working on something. I like science fiction movies, which can show me a wonderful world. If you ask me about my ideal, I will tell you that I want my family to be happy every day, and that’s enough. I’m a little introverted, and you will find me very humorous after we get acquainted. I like to make friends. That’s me. Would you like to make friends with me?

17 孙瑞芳

17 Sun Ruifang

My name is Sun Ruifang. I’m an outgoing girl with shoulder-length straight hair. I’m 162cm. I’m a brave girl, and I like to challenge difficulties. I also like to dream, but mostly daydream. I like the blue sky and white clouds, which can help me calm down. My favorite writer is Xu Zhimo. I like reading his poems; they are so beautiful.

I have many hobbies, and I’m very warm-hearted. No matter who has difficulties, I will offer my help without hesitation. I’m easy-going, and I have many friends, male or female, old or young. My favorite season is winter, and I like snow.

18 史小亮


18 Shi Xiaoliang

Hello, My name is Shi XiaoLiang, 21 years old. I was born in a small village In Jiangsu Province, where there are many trees and flowers. I had an elder sister, but unfortunately she was drowned to death when she was still a child. My father began to teach me swimming, and I can swim very well now. I’m positive and optimistic, and I like enjoying myself with my friends. When I was a child, I once was mistaken as a girl. I have small eyes, and one was covered by a fringe. Through my hair, I can see the world vaguely, and I can feel that there are both joys and sorrows in the world. I like fashion, and I like to dress myself in a fashionable style. When I was a child I had a lot of dreams. I wanted to be an astronaut, scientist, and adventurer. I like Miyazaki’s animation, such as “Spirited Away”, “The City of the Sky”. Now I want to draw with my own style. I hope I’ll be successful.

19 宋正德


我喜欢动漫,特别是日本动画片《钢之炼金术师》,这也是我选择插画的原因之一。我很爱我的爸爸妈妈因为他们给了我生命和勇气,从小他们就教育我怎么做人,对待事情要认真,做人讲究的是诚信,我一直按着他们的原则生活着。I believe we will become the best friend !

19 Song Zhengde

I am a cheerful, outgoing, and lovely boy. I’m not very tall but I have a good figure, because I love swimming and fitness, and I also like playing basketball. I have a great sense of humor, and my buddies feel very happy to be with me. I often come to the drawing room alone, so that I can concentrate and draw quietly without disturbance. I also like to take part in community activities such as the swimming and fitness clubs. As long as there is a design competition, I will actively participate in so that I can improve myself. The fittest survive.

I love animation, especially Japanese animation. “Fullmetal Alchemist”, which is one of the reasons I chose illustration. I love my parents because they gave me life and courage. They taught me how to be a good man, and to be honest, and to take responsibility. I have been living according to their principles.

I believe we will become good friends!

20 王夫冠


20 Wang Fuguan

Hello!!!!! Foreign friends, I’m honored to be with you do this project. My name is Wang Fuguan. You can also call me Demon. I’m 20 years old. I’m a little fat, with round face, dense eyebrows, and a pair of penetrating eyes. I’m talkative, cheerful, and warm-hearted. I get along well with people, and I’m glad to help those who need help.
My family members live in a boat. I love water, and I’m a good swimmer.
I like sports. I’m good at badminton and table tennis. And recently I set up a badminton club in our college. Sometimes I go to the countryside wearing roller blades and enjoying the beautiful scenery there. I like animation, especially works by Hayao Miyazaki. Without high technique and only using hand drawing, Hayao Miyazaki knows how to touch people’s hearts.
I am longing for free life. My dream is to have my own studio, so that I can plan my own time, and if I get tired from work, I can take my luggage and SLR cameras, and travel to any place I want to.

21 王晓松


21 Wang Xiaosong

My name is Wag XiaoSong. I’m learning illustration in the Visual Communication Department. I’m 175 cm, with long yellow hair, and a square face. I like playing basketball. My daily life is very simple. I spend most of my time with my friends and roommates.
I’m easy going, talkative, and generous. I’m a little nostalgic, and even a small item will remind me of the past. I’m a scrupulous boy, sometimes even more careful than girls. I study hard. I’m used to staying alone, and when I feel upset, I will keep silence for days. Sometimes I find life boring, but life still goes on, doesn’t it?

22 王晓雪


22 Wang Xiaoxue

I am 20-year-old girl. I’m 166 cm, 48.5 kg with black long hair, small brown eyes and long fingers. I was born in the seaside town in Lian Yun Gang. Now I’m studying in Suzhou. I like Suzhou. This is a comfortable and quiet city.
My friends may think that I’m quiet and introverted, but sometimes I’m also very lively and whimsy. Yes, I am gentle Pisces!!!!! If you’ve seen the Japanese horror film “Ring” maybe it will be much easier for you to draw me! Ah, I’m kidding! I like listening to music, doodling, painting, eating cakes, etc. I like animals, and I have a yellow lively dog. I also love the nature! I hope to become an illustrator or writer. Whatever difficulty I may meet with, I will try my best to keep on.

23 徐福冬


23 Xu Fudong

My name is Xu Fudong, 21 years old. I’m 161 cm. I have a ponytail. I’m a cheerful and outgoing girl. I have many hobbies, skating is my favorite.
I was not in good health when I was a child, but I was optimistic. I had a happy childhood. As time goes by, I became fit, but I also became very fat. So some people laugh at me, and even insult me. I really feel sad about it. But I never give up. I stay optimistic, firm, and keep working hard.
I want to fly, and I hope in the future I can start up my own business, and have a chance to work with the famous designers.
I hope we can be friends.

24 徐强


24 Xv Qiang

Hi! My name is Xu Qiang, a quiet boy. I’m thin, with short hair. I like music, painting and games. Every time I hear music, I will feel very happy. I made many friends when playing games, and I feel happy to chat with them. I also like fantasty pictures, I feel they are amazing. Every time I see a good pictures I will collect them. I’m not a dull boy, and I like to try new things. I’m humorous, and often joke with my friends. I live in a small village, and I have three sisters. We often have fun together, so I never feel lonely. I am very happy.

25 袁静


25 Yuan Jing

I am twenty years old. Even though I am a girl, I grew up with black short hair. I have a pair of small eyes but my eyesight is very good. I have a small mouth, and I am not very tall.
Because I’m crazy about the knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry, I have become responsible and cautious. When I read novels, I become sleepy, so I’m not good at writing. My dream is to be an excellent scientist. However, I gave it up when I start to learn art. Now I just want to study hard so that I can find a good job after graduation.
Though I think I am a strong girl, I can also be easily hurt. And it is difficult to heal.
My life motto is: “To pursue, to strive, to work hard, but don’t give up.”
I hope to make friends with you. My name is Yuan Jing.

26 余渊


26 Yu Yuan

My name is YuYuan. I grow up in a cultural city. My hometown is known as the “Oriental Venice”. I have a round face and black eyes. I like to braid my hair or tie my hair into pony tail. It looks vigorous. I like wearing loose clothes and canvas shoes. I’m easygoing, lively, and cheerful, but when I’m reading or drawing, I’m quiet. I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m working.
I like listening to music, watching movies, going to the library and raising small animals. I have a little hamster, and its name is “shut month”; it is very greedy, and always jumps around me when I’m surfing the Internet. I like to stack my room with all kinds of books and fluffy pillows. I also like to keep plants, especially the plants with exuberant vitality. I prefer to stay at home during holidays, but I’ll go out for a walk in the evening. I would like to travel with a backpack and a brush. I hope I can realize it in the near future.

27 钟玉

我很崇拜那些行为艺术家,因为他们大胆、富有激情同时又很热爱他们的生活!我还喜欢看那些时尚又很叛逆的插画!我经常看Marie Perron的作品,当然,我自己也经常画漫画,我喜欢用漫画来记录我生活中的喜怒哀乐!

27 Zhong Yu

My name is Zhongyu. I live by the beautiful Hongze Lake. I’m a cheerful and outgoing girl! I was brought up by my grandmother, because my parents were not with me at that time, and I often fight with the kids in the village! Every time we had a fight, their parents would tell my Grandma, but my grandmother never blamed me!
My grandma left me for heaven when I grew up, and I also went to a strange city to study! I am very independent, very strong. And I have long hair now.
I admired the performance artists for they are very brave, passionate and loving their life! I also like to see those fashionable and rebellious illustrations! I often see Marie Perron’s works, of course, I often draw comics, and I like to use cartoons to record the joys and sorrows of my life!

28 张海利


28 Zhang Hai Li

My name is Zhang Haili, now 21 years old, and I’m a little shy and sensitive. I have a pair of pure eyes, but my eyesight is not very good. I have a cherry-like small mouth, and long hair.
I like smiling. I’m a simple and kind girl. I was born in the rural area, so I love the natural scenery with different colors, such as rose red, yellow, the pigment ivy green… I always have a passion for color.
My favorite sport is aerobics and badminton, from which I can make more friends.
I like to dress comfortably. So I like casual and loose clothes. For me, watching TV is the best way to kill time.

29 庄丽

因为是出生在初冬季节的缘故,所以天生的喜欢那一望无际的皑皑白雪。自然,特别钟爱一年四季的最后一个季节——冬季。而我的性格也特别符合冬季那种安静的感觉,属于外表文静的人。但是,一但和我熟了之后,就会发现我特别活泼特别疯,很容易与人打成一片的。 从初中就是住校生的我很早就养成了独立自主的习惯,我自己的事情一般都是自己处理。父母一般都会很尊重我的决定,也很信任我。在他们的眼中,我一直是一个让他们很放心很乖巧的女儿。

29 Zhuang Li

I’m an ordinary and tall girl with big eyes.
I was born in winter, so I like snow and winter very much. I’m also a quiet girl as it is the same for winter. But, once we get acquainted, you’ll find that I’m actually very outgoing and easy to get along with. I lived in the school’s dormitory since primary school, thus I formed the habit of being independent. I usually make my own decisions, and my parents always respect my decisions and trust me.
I like listening to the lyrics of songs, and the song apologize by Timbaland is my favorite. I’m a fan of Lee-joon-ki Too, I like his songs, movies, and TV series. I like Korean TV series too.

30 朱永丰


30 Zhu Yongfeng

Hello, my name is Zhu Yongfeng, I was a lively boy. I’m 175 cm, and not fat, with black hair, curved eyebrows, and a pair of big eyes.
I like music, such as pop music, rock, which make me feel full of passion. At night, I like listening to light music, and fall asleep while listening to this.
I have a good temper, and I love to help others. In high school, I always help my classmates do the cleaning, homework, and so on. Helping others makes me happy.
When I was a kid, there was a dream in my heart. I wanted to be a teacher. Later, when I grew up, I wanted to be a doctor. Now I want to be a good designer. Everyone has a dream, and I’m living with my dream.

31 张宝培


31 Zhang Bao pei

I’m very glad, also a bit nervous to communicate with you for the first time. Let me introduce myself, my name is Zhang Baopei, I am looking forward to getting to know you. My English pronunciation is not good. I am a cheerful boy, and love to tell humorous jokes. I like animals very much, and I am fond of painting and creative things. My dream is to be an excellent designer. I like to go mountain climbing, because it can keep me fit, and I can also have a good view of the scenery. I’m not fat, about 60 kg. My face is neither round nor square. I have black curly hair. I like my black eyes and straight nose most. Moreover, when I smile, you can see my beautiful teeth. So I like to smile.
Although it is the first time we contact with each other, I hope we can communicate with each other happily. I look forward to your coming to China. I can take you to many interesting places, because the Chinese people are very hospitable.
Thank you.

32 周子玉


32 Zhou Ziyu

My name is Zhou Ziyu,I am twenty years old, Pisces. My hometown is in Sichuan province, where there are many pandas. I’m a little black, with brown small moles on the left cheek. My eyesight is not very good, and I wear big black-frame glasses. I used to be the only child in my family, but after my mother got remarried, they had new babies; I got two brothers. My stepfather likes girls, so I still enjoy plenty of love from him. I like jay Chou, and I prefer rock music. I like pets, and my favorite pet is dog. Now I have a hamster (named shame flowers).
I like traveling, I hope one day I can go abroad, I want to see the most beautiful sea in the world.
I dreamed to be a lawyer, makeup girl, or a businessman. But now I’m learning illustration, and I want to be a freelance illustrator, so that I will have enough time to experience different things. The most important thing to me is to my family. I wish them happiness every day. I care too much about what other people think of me, so if someone is disappointed in me, I feel upset too.

33 张先果

我的名字叫张先果。性别;男,家住在中国江苏。身高181 cm。我喜欢打篮球,虽然不是太好,但个人认为已经不错了,因为我不想成为一个职业篮球手,哈哈。
我的皮肤黝黑,因为从小顽皮在外面乱跑。有时我戴着一副眼镜, ,一般情况下,不在课堂上,我不带。我的头发很短,但我总是想把我的头发留长,所以我建议你把我的头发画长一些,让我感受一下! ! ! ! !我喜欢穿牛仔裤,穿运动鞋, 在安静的时候,我喜欢读书,我喜欢看两类书,一类金融财经的,一类是小说。我最喜爱的作家是中国的贾平凹,不知道你知道吗?如果有机会送你一本!我最喜欢外国人是NBA的韦德,这个你应该知道。还有我很幽默,乐观。

33 Zhang Xianguo

My name is Zhang Xianguo, Male. I live in Jiangsu province in China. I’m 181 cm. I like playing basketball, though not very good at it. I just played it for fun, and I don’t want to be a professional basketball player, Ah….
I’m a little tanned with a pair of glasses. I only wear glasses when I’m having lessons. My hair is very short, but I always want to have long hair. What about drawing a picture of me with long hair so that I can see how I look like with long hair. I like wearing jeans and sports shoes. I like reading books on finance, and also novels. My favorite writer is China’s Jia Ping-wa. I don’t know whether you know him.

34 张璟


34 Zhang Jing

Hello, my name is Zhang Jing, from Xu Yi China. My hometown has a lot of lobsters, and is famous for lobster. I am a lively boy, and I like making friends with other people. I like playing basketball, reading books and watching movies.

I always have dreams, but none of them came true so far. Probably that’s because I have never faced them, nor did I work hard to achieve them.

People need to learn to grow up from their experiences. I am looking forward to be your friend.


1 Massimo Barbieri

I’m a 19-year-old and I think I look like a typical Italian boy: thick eyebrows, brown hair, brown eyes, big nose (but proportional to my face) and a round face. I’m 5’8”, slim, with shoulder length hair. I love to draw my own imagined creatures along with different typefaces and logo designs. I’m a fan of manga and am currently obsessed with Hellsing (the ultimate OVA series). My favorite manga/anime series of all time include: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam Wing and Fullmetal Alchemist. Also, I love any and every movie ever made by Hiyao Miyazaki. I think his storytelling is magical and his skills are unmatched in the animated movie industry. My dreams include becoming an accomplished concept artist, becoming a seasoned animator, and maybe even becoming a rock start (if there’s still time for that). I love music styles such as metal, rock, punk and funk. My favorite band is a Canadian one called Protest the Hero. Recently, I’ve been getting more into environmental awareness and ethical issues because of my girlfriend who is in an environmental program in university. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about volunteering some of my time to help organizations I care about and making artworks that might be of use to them in their campaigns in the future. There are many things I’d like to do but the truth is I’m a little lazy and sometimes too laid back about things. Sometimes, I’d prefer just going to bars with friends, talk until our brains shut down, and drink microbrewery beer.

2 Bong Woo Ri

I was born in Seoul, Korea. I am 19 years old, and I am turning 20 on November 9th. I have been studying abroad for many years; therefore, I have experienced many different cultures. My whole family was born in Korea, and we came to Canada on May 28, 2006. Before coming to Canada, my brother, mum, and I were sent to New Zealand for two years to learn English. I speak English, Korean and a little bit of French. Since Montreal is a bilingual city, French here is really important. French for me is the hardest language so far, but I will try my best to learn it.

To help you to illustrate me, I will give you a brief description of my appearance. I have a round shaped face, with big brown eyes. Compared to my eyes, my nose, mouth, and ears are small. My skin tone is pretty light compared to other Asians. I have dark brown hair with a short bob hair cut, and I like to wear vintage clothing and accessories. I really love doing my nails, therefore, I often draw and paint my nails with a variety of colors.

I like to paint with watercolors and acrylics and I also like to do origami.

3 Tara Bouharevich

I am twenty-two years old, and I’ve always had a passion for art. From the age of five I was always drawing. I also have a love for nature and animals.

I have always felt an internal struggle over what type of career I should pursue as I have a love for both art and the environment. After my first grueling semester studying science, I realized that a position in art was better suited to me. I completed a college degree in fine arts, which has now lead me to study Illustration and Design. Through both programs I have learned a variety of art forms, such as traditional drawing, painting and printing, to more modern art forms such as digital painting, Photoshop, Illustrator, and 3D. Although I appreciate all art forms, and love even to mix some of them, I will always adore painting, both digital as well as traditional.

Besides being a passionate artist, I also like sports and keeping fit. I believe our body and mind are the most valuable things we will ever own and I love to harmonize the two through meditation, yoga and Pilates. Growing up I was a competitive fencer and participated in many provincial as well as national competitions. In my spare time I like to dance, read, listen to music, and travel.

People from all over the world, over many generations, have come to live in our colourful multicultural city, Montreal. My last name, Bouharevich, is Russian. My grandmother came from Egypt and my grandfather from Russia. My mother’s parents came from the USA as well as from Ireland. When people ask me what my background is, I like to tell them “it’s a little bit of all over the world”!

4 Jana Chagnon

My friends say I’m always cheerful and laughing, determined and resilient. I’m friendly, but I’ll tell someone if they step on my toes. I’m a bit of an oddity in that I’m one of the rare cases where a girl was raised playing video games and never grew out of it. They’re my passion, and have been ever since I beat a particular one called The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when I was twelve. That’s when I decided I wanted to work in the gaming industry and have been working towards that goal ever since.

Now I’m a college student in an intense art program. I generally wear colorful clothing with a mild punkish flare. I also enjoy dyeing my hair all sorts of colors. Right now it’s a mix of electric blue and turquoise, which doesn’t look bad with my hazel eyes. I do this because I find normal hair color beautiful but boring, and I love bright, vibrant colors.

When I’m not filling up my sketchbooks with creature and character concepts, I’m coloring a few on my computer using Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai or Illustrator. I’m more experienced with traditional mediums like graphite, ink, pastels, and markers, but I’m beginning to love working with software. When I’m drawing, I’m never without music, and I listen to electronica the most because it helps my imagination flow more freely. My three favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Mulan.

5 Jeffry Charles

I am tall, slim, with an athletic physique. I am an African American. I despise wearing my glasses. I love my body and think of it as a work of art. I am always trying to be perfect and this makes me anxious. When I become too anxious I start to realize that there is no perfection and that I should enjoy life as beautiful as it is.

I am spontaneous, I love new challenges. People know me as somebody who loves changes. My changes are emotional and philosophical so they also affect my hobbies and my day-to-day plans. I have a great fascination for the unknown and the unexpected. People perceive me as a happy, sociable, and strange human being. I am mostly happy but can get angry on rare occasions.

I practice a Brazilian martial art called capoeira; I used to practice wushu in the chang quan discipline. I love to go out on a nice day and watch the beautiful sky. My other hobbies are: juggling, talking to strangers, playing with kids, flirting with women, thinking of ideas and developing them using mediums such as drawing, painting, and - my favourite - sculpture.

My dream is to be with a woman I love. I want to travel the world, learn many things. I want to contribute artistically to the world and be recognized for it while doing a job I am passionate about. I want to become a free man just like the stranger I met on a bridge one day. He decided to pursue his dream and he became an artist. He did not have many resources but he made great things. He is a big inspiration to me.

6 Erin Cox

I have fair skin, dark-blonde wavy hair to my shoulders, blue eyes and a
small nose. I wear black framed glasses and usually wear my hair up. My favorite
color is green. I moved to Montreal two years ago to attend the Illustration and
Design program at Dawson College. I grew up in northern Ontario in a small city
and wanted to study art in a city that offered more opportunities and had a more
vibrant art scene. I live with my boyfriend and my cat in a small apartment. I have
two sisters that I am very close to but that I don’t get to see them very often since
I moved. I have loved drawing and painting since I was a small child and I have
been carrying a sketch book around with me since I was in elementary school. I
love to draw people and animals and I usually try to add some humor to my work.
While I prefer to use paint and ink, I have been getting better at computer
generated artwork and really enjoy it. One of the biggest influences in my life has
been my Dad. He is a luthier and builds beautiful guitars, mandolins and other
stringed instruments. When I was small I used to love working beside him
in his workshop. My dream job would be to be a freelance illustrator creating images for magazines and children’s books or working as a concept artist.

7 Laura Czornobaj

I’m 19, turning 20 in January. My hair is shoulder length, wavy and dark brown, I have bangs that slant to the right side of my face. I’m 5’7’’, my face is kind of square, my nose is small and elegant. My eyes are dark-green and brown, with thick eyelashes; I wear thick black-rimmed glasses with a square frame. My favorite color is purple. I like to wear make-up, mostly lipstick and black nail polish. I enjoy wearing dresses, but I’m usually just in jeans and a t-shirt. I don’t like to stick out, I’m very shy person face to face, and I find it hard to approach people I’m not familiar with. I really enjoy personal time alone, it helps me concentrate and organize my thoughts. I love drawing, reading, and listening to music. In my spare time I also play computer games online with my friends. Some of the games I enjoy are Sims, Minecraft, Ragnarok Online, and Silent Hill. I have a passion for tea, which I enjoy finding, buying and drinking. My tea collection is bordering on extensive. My favorite sports are swimming and biking I enjoy going to the country and hiking, and also to live with my boyfriend. My aspirations aren’t very big – I just want a stable job and foreseeable future, and to start a family of my own. I enjoy working with kids, and perhaps see myself as a teacher one day and in the illustration field.

8 Mélina Doyon-Gamache

I was born in Montreal, 24 years ago. I was a very shy and introverted teenager. I used my drawings to get people’s attention and recognition. I’m short, have short hair, and am a bit of a tomboy in a way. I have small features: straight, tiny nose, small hands, and, as some people have told me, big anime eyes! I have very light skin, freckles, and I used to be blond. As I grew older my hair turned darker and I kept on dying it different weird colors (pink, red, blue, purple, black and more). I have a green tattoo of the Nordic Rune called Mannaz on the left side of my neck (I love the color green), and two piercings - a ring in my nose and a pin in my bottom lip. I’m a total geek (anime lover and old-school gamer). I enjoy a lot of different types of music and movies: hardcore and folk metal, gore and horror movies. I also have a sweet side and I listen to classic, electro and pop music, and watch Disney and Pixar movies. I’ve always been passionate about all types of art expressions: drawing, painting, music, sculpture, comic books and much more. I already have a fine art college diploma. My parents always trusted my choices, and let me take the path that would suit me the best, even though I knew it would be hard.

9 Emily Gauthier

I have fair skin, almost ivory. My original hair color was brown, but now it’s a deep auburn. My face is shaped like an oval; I have full cheeks. My lips appear plump and my eyes are green, although at times they change to different colors. I was raised by my mother, and never really had a father figure in my life. However, my grandfather taught me to live life to the fullest, and to take advantage of my talents. He exposed me to the arts, as I spent most of my time in his studio fiddling with his crayons and paints. I was very timid and shy when I was younger but slowly became more outgoing as a teen. Although I spend most of my time drawing, I still love to explore other art forms. For me dancing is one of my biggest passions, and even when I couldn’t afford lessons I would watch videos and mimic the dance moves in my bedroom. When I dance I feel like I’m in my own little bubble where all my worries and fears can’t get me. I clearly feel at home on the stage. A dream of mine since I was little was to be part of a company like Pixar, and to create artworks that millions can enjoy. I aspire to spend my life doing what I love to do, and to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when I’m older.

10 Andrew Goudreau

I’m a fairly tall person, standing at around 5’11”. I’m half Filipino and half Canadian in origin, so I’ve had a strange childhood switching between both cultures. I have longish, dark hair that reaches about half way down my neck, and bangs that go straight across my forehead. I have thick eyebrows with a somewhat heavy brow. My eyelids are a bit “sleepy” you could say, as they’re naturally relaxed. I have something like a Roman nose. I keep stubble on my chin. I often wear button-up shirts with shorts, and that’s how most of my friends identify me from a distance.

I have a strong passion for video games, and it is one of the reasons I entered this program, to become a video game concept artist. The fusion of interactivity and creativity completely fascinates me. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to make video games and I believe that this is the right way for me.

Recently, I acquired a Husky dog from a family that couldn’t take care of her anymore. Her name is Zelda and she has mostly black-tipped white fur. My daily life has changed since I got her because Huskies require a lot of exercise every single day. Sometimes it is a chore, but at the end of the day when you can tell she’s tired but she loves you, I think she’s very worthwhile.

11 Naomie Hadida

I’m a 19 years old, petite brunette with light freckles and hazel eyes. Recently, I have begun visiting Israel and learning about my Jewish roots. My dream is to travel and to learn about different cultures and to meet people from around the world. I’m quite stubborn but generous. I like to lend a hand when I can, and I go ‘above and beyond’ for those I love. I grew up with two much older sisters, so I feel as though I am sometimes more mature than another girl my age. Although I feel more mature, I am always stressed. On a regular school day, I drink about 2-3 cups of coffee and I am always trying to finish things because I am a little bit of a procrastinator. I love to sleep, but during the school year, I do not get enough sleep (thus the amount of coffee I consume). I live in the suburbs and my parents allow me to drive their hybrid Toyota Prius. Like I mentioned before, I have just begun traveling across the ocean, but my mother travels very often to China, India, and Bangladesh (mostly for business). She has told me many stories about her travels and this reinforces my wish to travel and study abroad.

12 Valérie Jahchan

I am 27 years old. My parents were born in Egypt but I was born here in Montreal. Their genes managed to drop a hint of olive to my skin. My hair is long and dark brown. I also have dark brown eyes. My face is oval and somewhat narrow. My lips are on the thin side and my nose has a ‘rounded-point’. My dark eyebrows have a slight arch to them. Although I am 27 years old, I’ve been told that I look much younger.

I have a hearing impairment that I’ve been born with so I wear hearing aids in both ears. I am so used to them that I don’t notice them. They easily blend with my hair so that even others don’t notice them (a good and fun thing when they realize that I can read lips!).

I already have a university degree in Fine Arts. My biggest passions in life are horseback riding, reading, drawing, painting, rock climbing and definitely nature. I absolutely love animals. I am known as the ‘lion girl’ because I always draw
lions. I love to laugh and I can have moments where I just can’t stop laughing at myself.

I am in love with my boyfriend whom I live with. I hope to finish this amazing Illustration & Design program and live in a house full of books and a view of the mountains and the water. I can easily see myself living in countryside (with my favorite country music blaring from a radio on my front porch, or in the middle of a canoe while fishing), for the rest of my days.

13 Hassan Khan

I’m 23 years old and I’m from Karachi, Pakistan. I already have a college diploma in traditional animation. I love learning new things everyday.

I’m presently working on a graphic novel called Red Water. I am also a freelance illustrator and I teach drawing for comics. I fluently speak four languages: Urdu, English, French and Hindi. I have worked on a couple of short comics and one of them, entitled Sunrise, has been published in a local annual collective comic book (Merure – volume 2). Eventually I would like to work for a big comic book company such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics or Dark Horse Comics.

Some of my interests are: concept art, illustration, reading and drawing comics, creative writing, cooking, photography, playing cricket and tennis, and animation. I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and that inspired me to study 2D animation. I had the privilege of animating the short film Projet Alpha in 2008. You can check out my blog and learn more about what I do at http://hasan-khan.blogspot.com/. I also have accounts such as Twitter, YouTube and DeviantArt.

I have short, spiky dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have a tan skin tone (#18 on the Felix von Luschan skin color chart on Wikipedia) and I wear Ray Ban glasses. I dress casually for school, but I like to dress chic (a nice collar shirt with dress pants) when I go out and I even put on a tie occasionally.

14 Sonia Kharchi

I am turning 20 in December. In order to understand the visual characteristics of my facial features, one must understand that my unique racial background is a factor of not only my outward appearance but of my personality too. My mother was born a German-French Catholic. My father was born and raised in a complete opposite environment, as he is an Algerian Muslim. Consequently, I am a quite opened minded individual. Essentially, I am fair skinned with extremely dark curly hair and dark brown eyes. I am tall, over 5’7”. I have large eyes with very long lashes and my nose is small in comparison to others but fits my face quite well (actually my nose resembles Cindy Lou Who of Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas). I have a beauty mark on my left cheek, which is a very notable characteristic. All my sisters have it; I have three. As for my interests go, I enjoy the smell of trees and especially the smell of wet grass after a rainy night. My favorite season is the end of summer, not for the returning to school but for the weather, the sunny days that light up the sky with no severe pressure of theat (but I also enjoy extremely hot days). I admire any day of the year that has a lot of sun in it. I absolutely love high-healed shoes. My favorite color is red (varying in tints depending on my mood), and turquoise (in my opinion, a color that never dies). I plan to graduate this year and to take two months to travel to Algeria, and to Spain and France too. After that, we’ll see as life’s full of surprises.

15 Lauren Kleiderman

When I was born on August 10, 1992, an average face emerged in Montreal, a city bustling with multiculturalism. My father was born in Slovenia and my mother in Canada to Hungarian and Slovenian parents. My journey began growing up in the suburbs as the younger of two children. I was raised with strong moral values and a strong appreciation of tradition and culture. As a child I lived to laugh and this remained a fundamental aspect of who I am today.

I see the world around me perfectly framed, as I see it through my large and rather bold glasses. My face is a long and oval, with a prominent nose and delicate green eyes. I have dark-blond hair that naturally curls to the length of my shoulders.

At the age of 19 I’ve come to realize the significant role art plays, and will continue to play, in my life. Although I haven’t narrowed the path I wish to take, I am open minded about the future and will see where it will lead me. I enjoy photography immensely, observing and capturing the world and people around me. I enjoy travelling and have been privileged to see many different countries but love returning home to the cultural diversity of Montreal.

In the end I’m just another face with enough ambition to fuel the world.

16 Liu Xin Ran

I am originally from Nanning, Guangxin, China, and have been living in Montreal for the last eleven years. As an immigrant, I had to adapt to a completely new culture. While I became proficient in French and English, my written and spoken Chinese gradually degraded. My identity has been fractured in order to be reconstructed. I am both Chinese and French Canadian, yet I will always stand apart as an outsider in both worlds. This has allowed me to have a different perspective on my environment.

I became interested in a career in the gaming industry as a concept artist at 15. Without further motivation than that very simple desire, I have continued working towards that goal. From the beginning I have been aware of the difficulty of the path I have chosen. Thus, the fear of failure has been my secondary motivator. Studying the visual arts opened my eyes to new possibilities and reshaped my character. In retrospect, my teenage fascination with video games is now but a spark that ignited an even greater passion for drawing and painting. I no longer require a reason to create and study art, it has become part of my nature.
I am now at an interesting crossroads in life, where decisions must be made for the start of my independent adulthood. Many career ramifications lay before me. I feel fortunate to have the chance to experience many possibilities in the years to come.

17 Alicia Marulanda

I am almost 19 years old, 5’4” in height, and weigh 138 pounds. I have shoulder length curly brown hair, a Roman nose, and because I am near-sighted, I wear thick glasses. I have a square shaped face and a beauty mark just above my lips. I am very much enjoying my time studying illustration and design and I’m looking forward to putting my skills to professional use after graduation. I live with my boyfriend Manolis and our roommate Elisabeth, who is also in my class. I was recently hired at the clothing store Banana Republic and work there part-time so I can pay for everything I need. Both the management and my co-workers are very nice and I have enjoyed working there so far. I also model for figure drawing courses. Aside from drawing and painting, I am very interested in fashion and literature. We keep lots of books and magazines in our apartment, and my favorite novel is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I find the imagery both surreal and beautiful; it is a story that the reader can get lost in. This past summer my boyfriend and I visited New York City for four days. We saw beautiful artworks in SoHo, and also visited the American Museum of Natural History which was very informative.

18 Alessandro Mastandrea

I’m 25 years old, 5’8” tall, and of Italian origin. I have short dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. The shape of my face is, more or less, oval with a little bit of jaw definition.

I enjoy sports and activities as well as ‘working out’ (physical exercise). I generally like to keep active. I also know a lot about computers and I really enjoy video games. I hope to someday be working in the video game industry as a conceptual artist.

I grew up in an environment that was visually inspiring for me. My father owned a comic book store during my early childhood and so he brought me there often. My father saw that I liked to draw many of the characters that I liked so he encouraged me to continue drawing. Since that time, drawing, and art as a whole, has become an important part of my life. I like to think of myself as someone who is idealistic, ambitious, and motivated by a positive outlook on life. I have clear goals and I’m ‘going for them’.

19 Shawn McMullen

I have brown hair and green eyes. Physically, I’m not that active, however, I’m not over weight (in fact, I may be a bit under weight). I used to be a bit muscular in the past because of the constant fights I got into (I’ve obviously calmed down). I’m more of a thinker now and I like to approach things from a logical point of view. I come from a wide European background including: Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, and England. I love diversity and I like change, things are more interesting that way. I have a great sense of humor and I have a positive attitude. My personal hobbies include: video games, watching TV, drawing, and computer art. I never fail to make someone laugh or smile when I imitate different voices to cheer people up. In terms of music, I like songs that give the feeling of empowerment – the kind of songs that give goosebumps, as well as songs that make you want to smile. My dream for the future is to become an animator in the movie or gaming industries.

20 Mélissa Monderie-Gervais

In appearance, I seem to be a calm and shy, brown haired and brown-eyed girl. But once people get to know me, they realize that I’m energetic and I have a lot of imagination.

I consider myself both complex and simple (like ‘day and night’). Most of my days depend on my mood, but my mood can change radically. People only need to make me laugh and I will be in a good mood in one second! My friends always say that I have an infectious laugh. Even if sometimes I have an explosive temper, I always try to be a kind person. For me, it is important to help others.

I am passionate about the arts, animation, and nature. I started drawing at a young age. and that’s when I began to learn how to express myself through my art. For me, it is the easiest way to express my feelings. I feel the most peaceful when I am surrounded by nature. Nature can be so beautiful. And when I need to release my stress, I hang out with my friends. I like going downtown and having fun in a crowded place. I cannot live without music. Everywhere I go, I have my best friend with me, ‘Mr. iPod’.

What I like most about animation is that everything is possible; you can use your creativity to the maximum. I have so many projects in my mind that one life will not be enough to be able to do everything. Especially, I would like to travel around the world. My dream is to have different contracts in different countries.

21 Isabelle Nadeau-Rivard

I am 20 years old and live in Montreal. I would say that I am chubby and I have dark brown hair, which reaches to my elbows. My hair can be straight or curly. My skin is fair and my eyes are hazel and shaped like almonds. I always wear eyeliner on my upper eyelids. My nose is small and delicate. We call it “nez retroussé” in French. My mouth is small but my lips are full; its shape is almost elliptical. My face is round as is also my chin. Sometimes I wear glasses. They are rectangular and the mount is magenta; there are small decorative curls on the frame.

I am a person with a lot of imagination. I love to create stories so I am really interested in comics. I am myself a comic book artist but I have not been published yet. Music is also something really important for me. It helps me to get inspired and stay concentrated. I love humor and I always try to be positive.

22 Louis-Vincent Nantel

I’m a 30 years old male, born and raised in Quebec City where I lived for 27 years. Only recently did I move to Montreal. I’m about 5’7”. My hair is brown and my eyes are blue. I have been working in microbreweries for a little more than six years, as a waiter and a barman. It pleasantly pays the bills, but I do wish to earn a living with my art.

I studied fine arts previously, in both college and university. I grew unhappy with the direction things were going as the type of art I was making ran opposite to what was being done at the contemporary art oriented school I was attending. Now that I’m doing simpler, illustrative art forms again, I’m back to what I like.

I feel like the older brother these days… I’m well over five years older than my classmates, and about the same can be said about my colleagues at the bar where I work. It’s ironic that I’m actually the youngest of my siblings (who all have kids of their own now). My oldest friends from childhood are still in Quebec City.

If I had to describe my personality, I would say that I’m a grounded, yet anxious person. I can be funny and spontaneous, even silly, but I also long for control, coherence, and understanding.

It’s hard to sum our life in a few words, but I tried.

23 Jennifer Noble-Landry

I’m a 21-year-old girl born December 23rd. I have a long face and nose, green eyes, and wear rectangular glasses. I keep my golden brown hair to just passed my shoulders. My hair curls near the bottom end and is shaped in bangs at the top, cut straight across below my eyebrows. During the week, while I go to school, I live in the city with a friend. I have no car, I simply take the bus and metro system. I live with my mother and brother outside the city during the weekend and summers. This is so I can see them and work at a local convenience store so I can afford school. I have a black and white cat that I consider both my baby and a guard dog. I’ve had him for four years and I love to care for him. I also enjoy watching Japanese anime and reading manga. I enjoy it so much that I often pass my time drawing fanart, writing fanfiction and when the time comes for conventions, I make costumes. I share this hobby with fan groups online who also share their fanwork. I love seeing and learning about new artworks. As we go through the program of Illustration and Design, we do many projects I enjoy. It’s difficult to know which career path I will choose. I know that animation excites me but I need to work on it a lot more if I ever want to do it as a career. I would love to work in an animation studio creating something that others will enjoy as I have.

24 Amanda Nunes

I am 21 years old and of Italian origin. I live with my mom and two younger sisters. I have a German Sheppard dog. I am 5’6” tall with blond hair and light brown eyes. My biggest interest is pre-1970s ‘muscle cars’ (American muscle). I would love to have a career in restoring cars; I view car restoration as an art. My favorite muscle car is the 1965 GTO. I would also like to do airbrushing on motorcycles. I have been taking oil painting classes since I was ten. I would like to do something that involves painting as a career, not just for my personal work. I am also a big animal lover. My favorite animal is the wolf and I prefer dogs to cats (although I like both). I would like to have a Husky, which is my favorite type of dog. I have two tattoos: one is located above my elbow and is a number 13 in roman numerals (XIII). The other tattoo is of a peacock with cherry blossoms, it runs down my chest. I like ‘rock & roll’ music of the 1960s to 1980s. I am a big fan of action movies and comedies. In the future I would love to have a house on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, and have a big family.

25 Jérémy Pilote-Byrne

I am a twenty-year-old Caucasian male with copper hair and blue eyes. I am tall and slim, dress conservatively, and am rather reserved. I like to wear bow ties. I like the Victorian era, as well as the British monarchy and everything that pertains to it. I love jewelry and anything that is ‘beautiful’ and well made: fashion, the human form, architecture, the Universe, biology, and geology. I read a lot of books: mostly science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and poetry. Despite liking these seemingly ‘normal’ interests, I do appreciate a bit of gloom and unconventional ideas once in a while. Themes of tragedy and carnage create a soothing effect on my mind (not that I like the violence – only the sheer emotion created by it). These themes allow me to sit down and put onto paper what is floating in my subconscious. I usually listen to music when drawing and sometimes get inspiration from the lyrics and draw something relating to them, anything from a detail to an entire subject. I am a man of few words and can’t extrapolate even to save my life.

26 Pascal Xavier Poirier

I live near Montreal where I happen to study, but I am not a citizen of the city. My hometown is called Laval and it’s not far from the large city of Montreal. My first language is French, but I also speak English.

I would describe my physical appearance as being a tall and athletic 19 years old guy. I have elongated physical traits and angular facial features. I have blue eyes and wear small rectangular glasses.

I hope to become a freelance illustrator. My personal ambition as an artist, or what I would depict as my ideal job, is to create socially conscious art as an editorial artist.

Outside the sphere of education and work, I have interests in other domains. For instance, I love sports and their atmosphere. The sports that I had the chance to practice include: hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. Personally, I love the competitive aspects of sports because they presents a safe and controlled way to evacuate the stress of the daily routine of life. I also really enjoy the sphere of culture. I read books and watch movies when I have leisure time. Absorbing as many exterior influences of our world as possible is a big motivation in life because there is so much to learn from other people and their way of thinking.

27 Elise Remillieux

I was born In Montreal on August 7, 1991. I grew up in the south of France for a good part of my childhood and later returned to Montreal. I am the child of a French father from France and an Italian mother. I was diagnosed with advanced dyslexia and dyscalculia. I was smart, but I had trouble with reading and writing, all because I’d invert letters and my brain made it seem like it was normal. As for the dyscalculia, I can learn multiplication and division everyday, but in a couple of hours my brain erases everything. Over time I learned tricks to get around my disabilities.

Growing up I would draw places of back home in the south of France, it made me happy. I love the history of my family’s village. I love the history of Europe, the cathedrals, the architecture, and the stories. I am not a very religious person but I love drawing and sculpting angelic figures, unlike my own figure, as in my teenager years I was diagnosed with scoliosis. My spine was curved and crooked so I wore a medical brace and was known as the “metal detector” at my high school.

Since then I have gotten rid of the metal body brace and my reading and writing are very much improved. I have three best friends that have always stood by my side. I’ve been with the same boyfriend for almost eight months. I’m hopeful and confident we’ll stick together for a long time. My favorite colors are light turquoise, (like my eyes), and burnt auburn (like my hair). I love angels and I hate people who judge others before getting to know them. I am living my dream as an Illustrator.

28 Stephen Robusto

I am 21 years old, born and raised in Montreal. My origins are from the south of Italy. I am about 5’8” with a slim body structure and have very dark traits. I am an energetic and outgoing person who enjoys spending time with his friends. My plans are to finish school and to travel to Europe to either work or continue my education. I would like to also study the music industry. My goal in life is to have my own art studio where I could create my art but also produce my music with a team of illustrators and music producers. One of my biggest passions in life is electronic music and being a DJ. I enjoy the nightlife and I am a very sociable person. One of my main objectives in life is to release a song and to get signed to a record label. When it comes to music, some of my favorite artists would have to be Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell. Creating art and music has always been a passion of mine. Working as an illustrator and a freelance artist in my own studio would be ideal for me. I would like to perfect the art of matte painting in Photoshop as well. Digital art is probably my favorite medium. I am a big Apple consumer; I enjoy working with Mac because I could use all the Adobe programs and all my music software in one reliable product.

29 Louis Sciannamblo

My first name is French and my last name is Italian. My parents immigrated to Quebec from Italy, and my father studied here to get a Master’s degree in French literature. I grew up in the suburbs of my city (Montreal), into a 19 year old scrawny, white Anglophone. As you can imagine, I like to draw and I hope to be able to produce children’s books one day, as well as become a freelance illustrator. I have been strongly influenced by Aesop’s Fables: a Classic Illustrated Edition; this book inspired me to want to make books for children.

I like to listen to music, and some of my favorite musicians include: DubFX, Lupe Fiasco, Tool, Florence and The Machine, Laura Marling, and Protest the Hero. I find I focus best while listening to music, and I made all of my best drawings while listening to music – it is incredibly inspiring and stimulating. I also enjoy reading a lot. Over the summer vacation, I read six different novels while on the bus and metro, or at home on the couch. I’m interested in ideas, and literature is, in my opinion, the most direct access one can have into a person’s mind. I am currently reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac, and Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness by Kenzaburō Ōe.

30 Élisabeth Simard

I am 19¾ years old and 5’ and 1 ½” tall. Call me Eli or Lizzy or Lily. I am French speaking and much prefer French to English because English-speaking people sometimes misunderstand me.

I wish I were a ninja. My hero is definitely Master Yoda (Star Wars), living proof that power can come out of a tiny person like me. But power is not always a good thing. Power of money, for example, is a bad thing.

I am not from Montreal. I am from the countryside, where trees are not an endangered species. I miss my family sometimes, even though I see my parents almost every weekend. I guess I am still a kid. I have an older sister who is also my best friend. I like being in nature more than anything and I like to run really, really, fast when I am sad or angry. But I am usually happy and fun to be with too.

31 Chloé Szemes

I am a 20-year-old girl aspiring to become a tattoo artist. My skin is very pale for I do not step out in the sun very much, and my hair is jet black with a blond streak on each side of my head. My friends say that most of my expression shows through my big greyish-blue eyes, for they are one of my strongest facial features. I’m of average height and body type. A tattoo of a peacock decorates my left shoulder blade. I’m very into 1940s-1950s rocker style and I tend to show that through the clothes I wear, my make-up, and the way I style my hair. I’m very into “B” horror movies, zombies, and everything that has a hint of macabre humor, and ‘’kitsch’’. My hobbies include baking, drawing, listening to music, and hanging out in the city nightlife. I’m very in love with life, and what I cherish most of all is the environment. The future of this planet is for me, more important than my own. I live in a quiet suburb so I travel on my ‘long board’ most of the time. This new passion allowed me to design an online catalog for a local company that produces high quality ‘custom boards’. I have also an apprenticeship at a small tattoo shop where I plan on pursuing my dream job. Overall, I’m not the ‘girly-girl’ type (not into ‘pink ponies’), but I still project a feminine image.

32 Melissa Waldron

I am 23 years old. I have shoulder length light brown hair, an oval face, blue-grey eyes, and a button nose. I’m 5’4” and have an average build. I love to wear hooded sweaters and jeans. I’m a fourth generation Canadian and my heritage is: English, French, Scottish, Polish and German.

I have a college degree in fine arts. I hope to be an illustrator and get a job in London, England, so I can do what I love and be with my boyfriend who lives there. My hobbies are gaming on the computer, drawing, and listening to all kinds of music (except rap). I have pet cat (Trace) and a pet dog (Rosie). I love to travel but I haven’t been to too many places. I’ve been to New York twice and I’ve been to London twice. I hope to get my pilot’s license one day.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life is say goodbye to my boyfriend; I cried for a month and a half. The best thing I ever did was work with war veterans and the elderly; I did activities with them, including, art therapy.

I am very emotional and get very invested in whatever I do. I love to bake and I adore chocolate. I love to laugh and I love comedy and theatre. I’m a huge history enthusiast and enjoy reading about the past and looking at old architecture (I would live in a museum if I could). I love waterfalls and mountains. I also love Dr Who and drinking tea.

33 Wu Cindy

I was born in Montreal, Canada on September 1st, 1989. My parents emigrated from Guangzhou, China. What makes me a unique person? I was born deaf. My parents discovered my deafness when I was two years old. Being deaf is a major part of my life. I cannot communicate with people in a normal way. I went to a special education school that used American Sign Language as their communication method. I was one of a few deaf children who were lucky to learn sign language as my first spoken language and to have caring, hearing parents who wanted to communicate with me in my early life. I received a cochlear implant via surgery when I was six years old. I was taught to recognize sounds and learned to talk. It was very hard work. Oral training is a useful tool to communicate with hearing people but I prefer sign language because it is a visual language and native to deaf people. Because of its visual nature, it influences my perception of art and of the visual world. I love to read a lot and learn new things such as art techniques. I also love to go out with my deaf friends. My future goal is to become an illustrator of children’s books. A picture is very effective way to communicate and so simple for deaf people to understand, even deaf children. My favorite quote is “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

34 Paul Yates

I am just under six feet tall and weigh about 180 pounds. I have dark hair and brown eyes. I have a tattoo on my left forearm. I like to draw.

I’ve lived in Montreal all my life and I’ll probably still be here for another couple of years. Ideally, I would like to experience a little bit of everything, and everywhere, in my life. I haven’t seen much of the world yet, but from what I can tell, Montreal suits me just fine for now.

I used to be a big ‘metal head’. I have recently shied away from bands like Hatebreed, Chimera, and Unearth, but ‘metal’ will always be close to my heart. Nowadays, my taste in music is relatively mellow but I occasionally enjoy some ‘angry rap’.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a ‘nerd’. From video games to epic fantasy, if it’s nerdy, chances are I’ll enjoy it and I think this comes through in my art. My main sources of inspiration, besides other artists, are: video games, science fiction and fantasy movies, and books. My goal as an artist is to someday work in the film industry as a concept artist. The idea of creating whole worlds and bringing ideas together really interests me. One of the companies I would love to work for one day is WETA. They were the artists behind much of the visual direction in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Avatar.

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  • Frank Mulvey

    Frank Mulvey

    November 17, 2011

    To all the participants from Suzhou, China and from Montreal, Canada:  You have faced many challenges including tight deadlines, illness, technical considerations and responsibilities outside the project that also demanded your time and attention.  Through all of this, each and every participant produced artwork for this exciting project, and the support teams in both locations helped made the exhibition possible.  You should all be proud.  A heartfelt thanks to all from Frank Mulvey, exhibition coordinator on the Montreal side.

  • space-default-avatar


    November 30, 2011

    I didn’t get to look at all the pictures yet but, I really enjoyed looking at these images. On top of that, because it is art done by some of our Dawson College students I get to see some of my friends piece of work and just to enjoy it even more.
    I really think this theme/idea is very smart. Getting to experience something with people that are in the other part of the world, and having both participants doing something they enjoy doing is also great. If this was asked to few random students in Dawson or in China, I don’t think it would have the same feeling to it. I think it is also great that, instead of just showing their art then just forgetting about it, it is actually kept on a website. This is good for the students and also for the people looking at their art.It is good for the students because they get to keep their art not just anywhere but where people can admire and enjoy what they have done.
    Seeing people from completely different country work together is a great opportunity. Also it is great to see different way of portraying art from a different country.

  • space-default-avatar


    December 3, 2011

    The concept of this exhibit is really unique. I found it quite interesting to see how incredibly different each interpretation could be. It was a short text to work on, so the students had to get very imaginative I guess, which must have been challenging. It’s also funny to see how we tend to project our own self-images and culture when drawing someone else. Alot of the Canadian version of the Chinese students look very Americanized, and vice versa. Two pieces that really struck me were Melina’s and Jiang’s and Massimo’s and Cai’s. In the first, the ship image juxtaposed with the airy portrait drawings looked really neat together. In the second, especially in the first two prints of Melina, the colors and styles work beautifully together, and the imagery in Melina’s prints is really special. Overall, this was a really special exhibit.

  • space-default-avatar


    December 7, 2011

    The diversity in art styles is truly amazing in comparison to one another. Many of the Dawson students that are Asian themselves have noticeably Asian styles and techniques to their artworks much like the students at the Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute, even though some (based off their biographies) have lived in Montreal for the majority of their lives there are still traces of asian techniques. It’s incredible to see that with such little information that these artists have such inspiration as to create such detailed and wonderfully descriptive pieces of people they barely even know on the complete opposite end of the world. It’s quite remarkable collection of artwork and a well organized online exhibition.

  • space-default-avatar


    November 24, 2013

    It is an amazing project. As the title of this project says “Two Worlds”, the artworks in this project are from two countries (Canada and China) separated by the vast geographic distance. Therefore, this project is like a bridge which establishes the channel for the two cultures to be better understood by each other through exchanging the artworks of the students in the Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute in China and of the Dawson College in Montreal, Canada. As a viewer, I really enjoy looking at these images. The purpose to look at the images is not to identify who is actually presented in the artwork, but sense what the artist is trying to express. I think this is the power/charm of the art which can override the barrier of language, difference between cultures.

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