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Yu Xiang Ren   April 1, 2015

Resurrexerit Mundi

Insects, despite their paramount importance to our existing biosphere, are often under appreciated, looked upon with disdain, and generally labeled as nothing more than pests. In retaliation, my initial intention was to cast these epitomes of evolutionary success as the main focus of this work. Latin for “Resurrected World”, Resurrexerit Mundi is a story that I have constructed for a character and environment design assignment. These sketches show the process of research, thumbnails, conceptual design, and figure studies.

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    Dinah Ranieri

    April 26, 2015

    I find that the usage of hatching works well in relation to the usage of greyscale marker and pencils in some of these works. It really gives an “insect” feel to it. The proportions on the insect- humanoids and the regular humans are pretty well-done, and the character sketches make good use of the space around them. All in all, it’s a good sight.

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