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Joel Trudeau   August 15, 2021

SPACE 365: Make Things That Matter

SPACE365: Make Things That Matter is a complementary course offered in the Winter 2022 semester Tuesdays 3-6PM, open to all students. Students create self-directed projects generated from their own interests that link contemporary issues. The course also links to SPACE co-curricular activities.

The course explores problem solving, maker culture, innovation, and the future through the application of systems and design thinking, social impact tool sets and related methodologies. Students are encouraged to draw inspiration and incorporate knowledge, skills and problems from their programs and any other learning activities or extra-curriculars they may be already involved in. A strong emphasis on cross-disciplinary exploration provides guided opportunities for integration of the arts and sciences where students, working in a group or individually, are given freedom to choose a suitable format for their major term project. 

Click Get Involved  to find out more and to watch a video of the class in action!

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