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February 8, 2022

Science Fiction Prototyping: Problem Solving and Story Values

Science fiction prototyping, or SFP, is a design process that relies on science fiction to imagine, design and communicate about the future. How will the technologies of today and tomorrow impact our lives as individuals, a society and a civilization? SFP forecasts vivid answers to this question that can then inform and potentially guide our actions moving forward, allowing us to imagine how we will live in the future and what we can do today to shape it. In this talk, SPACE certificate coordinator Joel Trudeau (Physics) and SPACE fellow Andrew Katz (English) will present SFP as one example of imaginative worldbuilding and discuss how this kind of fictional prototyping can be used to imagine speculative solutions to a contemporary issue or possible alternative futures. To concretize the method, and if time and format allow, attendees will also be guided through a process of scenario creation as input for their own SFPs.

Zoom link to join the talk:

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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