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January 10, 2024

Cross-Listed Courses for Winter 2024

The following is the current list of courses cross-listed with the SPACE certificate in Winter 2024. The list may be updated throughout the winter semester.

Physics of Hollywood; (203-BWT-03 section1); Diana Glennie

Astrophysics; (203-BZA-05 sections 1, 2); Rim Dib

Engineering Physics; (203-BZE-05 section 1); Manuel Toharia Zapata

Intro to Research in Brain Imaging; (203-ZT-DW section 1); Hélène Nadeau

Earthquakes and Volcanoes; (205-BWT-03 section 1); Adamo Petosa

Physical Geology; (205-BZG-05 sections 1, 2); Adamo Petosa

History of Science and Technology; (330-A02-DW sections 1, 2); Gesche Peters

Egypt, Greece and Rome; (332-101-DW section 1); Jiri Tucker

Egypt, Greece and Rome; (332-1N1-DW section1); Jiri Tucker

Introduction to Philosophy; (340-101-DW section 2); Brian Redekopp

Introduction to Philosophy; (340-1N1-DW section 2); Brian Redekopp

Knowledge Beyond Good and Evil; (345-101-MQ section 6); Gregory Polakoff

World Views; (345-102-MQ sections 20, 24, 29); Gregory Polakoff

Understanding Culture Through Artworks and Artifacts; (345-102-MQ sections13, 22); Beverly Sing

Investigating Story Value(s); (345-BXH-DW section 12001); Gray Miles

Designing Solutions for a Better World (INTENSIVE); (365-BWP-DW section 1);Timothy Miller

Introduction to Research in Neuroscience;  (365-BXP-DW section 1); Hélène Nadeau

SPACE: Make Things That Matter; (365-BXP-DW section 2); Joel trudeau

Introduction to Anthropology; (381-101-DW sections 3, 4); Katarzyna Wolfson

Introduction to Anthropology; (381-1N1-DW sections 3, 4); Katarzyna Wolfson

Visual Anthropology; (381-319-DW section 1); Katarzyna Wolfson

Introduction to Arts and Culture; (502-113-DW section 1); Justine McLellan

Cinema and Media History; (530-213-DW section 2); Reisa Levine

Media Lab; (530-413-DW section 1); Reisa Levine

Media and Society; (530-926-DW sections 1, 2); Reisa Levine

Voice and Speech 4; (561-423-DW sections 1, 2); Elissa Bernstein, Matt Holland

Design Concepts for Illustration 4; (574-454-DW sections 1, 2); Marc-Andre Cright

Systems, Modeling and Creative Computation; (585-211-DW section1); John Connolly

The Art of Physical Computing; (584-413-DW section 1); Bérengère Marin Dubuard

Integrating Activity (IA); (585-498-DW section1); Bérengère Marin Dubuard

Interactive Arts: Local to Global; (585-917-DW section1); Bérengère Marin Dubuard

Nurturing Nature; (603-103-MQ section 3); Wendy Thatcher

Food for Thought: From Farm to Table; (603-BXE-DW sections 5, 6); Wendy Thatcher

Robot Visions; (603-BXE-DW sections 13, 14); Ursula Misztal

Investigating Story Value(s); (603-BXE-DW section 12001); Andrew Katz

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