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W2023 Opportunities in AI

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*Note that students who would like to connect any of these opportunities to certficate capstone projects as program requirements (example: Independent Study in Science) should contact Joel Trudeau via MIO asap.

Outline of opportunities

  1. AI LaunchLab: March 4-May 6 (Saturdays): Many of the meetings will be virtual and take place from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM on Saturdays. Notably, during the Winter 2023 cohort students will be provided with an opportunity to participate in a conference and Weekend AI challenge with the theme of “Data Storytelling” hosted at Dawson College March 24-26. No programming experience necessary! (Must attend 6 of 8 meetings, 6 credits)
  2. Weekend AI Challenge: March 24-26: The “Data Journalism” challenge will have a climate focus, is to be done in teams, and need not be part of the AI Launch Lab experience. There will various other opportunities for exposure to AI topics and its social impacts. No programming experience necessary! (5 credits)
  3. Applied AI Institute Internships: Mar1-May 10 We're excited to announce that Concordia research groups are offering internship opportunities. During the internship, students will work in teams under the supervision of experienced graduate students and professors, and have the chance to apply their skills to real-world challenges. The projects will focus on various areas of research. (8 credits)

Each of these opportunities has its own form for applicaiton and/or registration. You may use the contact form below for general questions related to the SPACE certficate.

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