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Note: Students who complete the requirements of participation will receive 5 credits towards the SPACE certificate. They may also receive additional credit for further participation post-workshop and/or completion of a capstone project. See remarks below concerning possible outcomes. 

In January 2023 Dawson will be hosting a special NASA-sponsored workshop and there is an opportunity for Dawson students to participate. The title of the workshop is "Ices in the solar system: a volatile journey from Mercury and the Moon to the Kuiper Belt and Beyond" and about 150 people are expected to attend, including some of the world’s leading experts in the field.

The workshop is part of the regular meetings of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) and the workshop’s convenor is a Dawson faculty member who has published in the field—Richard Soare. For more information about the LPI and the kinds of topics covered at these meetings, have a look at this link. If you are curious to see some of Richard Soare’s publications visit this link.

The opportunity for Dawson students is to participate in the workshop as attendees, and/or volunteers, and in some cases in the form of a student poster presentation. Participation by non-expert students is part of a push to generate interest in the field and to encourage students to consider it as a career path.

Leading up to the SPACE certificate orientation session on September 14, 2022, many students expressed an interest in participating in the NASA workshop which will take place from January 9 to January 11, 2023.

There is a limited number of seats available for the workshop. Priority will be given to SPACE certificate students with anticipated learning outcomes / projects arising from attending the workshop.

Below are examples of possible outcomes for participants:

  • Individual written reflections related to one or more conference topics (required).
  • Short presentation at a planetary science themed seminar and/or at the Dawson ScienceFest conference in Winter 2023 (not required).
  • Capstone project for an independent study fulfilling certificate requirement and/or program requirement on a case-by-case basis (not required).

Opportunities for further investigation of planetary science topics will also be explored, with the understanding that students will not have already developed expertise.

The registration fee for the workshop is $75.00. Student participants will be asked to contribute $15; the remainder of the registration fee will be covered by SPACE. Additionally, there will be workshop volunteer roles available for some students where the entire fee will be waived, and extra credit given. 

If you are still interested, please fill out the form below. If you attended the SPACE certificate orientation on September 14, 2022 indicate that in the message field. If you are keen to participate but have not enrolled in the certificate yet, we encourage you to enroll.

See what a scientific poster might look like for here.

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You don't have to be a member of SPACE to get involved but why not register and log in to be a member?

You don't have to be a member of SPACE to get involved but why not register and log in to be a member?