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Archives for the month of October 2011

  • Humpty Dumpty Falls ApartAnna Saryusz-Bielski•October 28, 2011

    Three runaways fight the system that would "unwind" them.

  • To Chop, Cook, and Eat a Loved OneMonika Cefis (edited by Jiri Tucker)•October 27, 2011

    Dawson recreates a story of love and the violence that tears it apart.

  • A Discourse on Halloween AttireMichael Oberman (edited by Jiri Tucker)•October 27, 2011

    Last minute thoughts on getting mavricky with your Halloween costume.

  • The Night Circus: A World of EnchantmentAndria Caputo •October 26, 2011

    Never been tempted to run away to the circus? Read this book and you will be!

  • The BetrayalVictoria Mastropietro•October 25, 2011

    When your home has been overcome by war, who can you trust? (Fiction)

  • Portishead: LiveAndria Caputo •October 19, 2011

    A British trip-hop trio returns to Montreal to entrance crowd. 


  • The City: Intersections of Text and PlaceMerrianne Couture, Amanda Mantzioros•October 16, 2011

    A literature class blogs on The City: Intersections of Text and Place

  • Jean Paul Gaultier : A World of WhimsyMichael Oberman •October 11, 2011

    A peek into Jean Paul Gaultier's theatrical and controversial world of fashion. 

  • Feed by M.T. AndersonAnna Saryusz-Bielski•October 3, 2011

    Review of the novel 'Feed' by M.T. Anderson.

  • Four SensesDomenica Martinello•October 1, 2011

    A blind date proves to be a surprisingly vivid experience. (Fiction)

  • A Simple TrekVictoria Mastropietro•October 1, 2011

    As our journeys get easier and easier, we find them more and more difficult. (Poem)