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By Serena Remtulla-Langlois February 15, 2012

There Have Been Days

There have been days when there has been little hope.

My eyes turn inward, and I am appalled at the sight.
For all my careful planning, my calculated hellos, things have disbanded—
I have been hiding from my fears.

This fear, as it grips me, sinks its teeth into my soul: icy cold 
And unforgiving. Alone in my head, alone in my bed...

But wait, what's this? The flowers are in bloom? The birds call out;
There is joy on the wind—where has it come from,
What could this be? This Spring-time rush that has liberated

About the author

Serena Remtulla-Langlois is a second-year Liberal Arts student, and her friends say that the animal she most resembles is a cat. 


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