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By Yara Ajeeb March 9, 2020

Teach Me How

Illustrated by Samira Ashian


Thoughts scrambled on the edge of each sheet  

Letters too rebellious to form words  

My pen shakes with anticipation; greedily wanting to fill these pages with ink  

Each word I write translates to something incomprehensible 

And my emotions refuse to abide by the rules of literature  

Want to jump from one stanza to the other  

So freely moving  

Reminds me of a time when the sun rising meant a new day  


A time when my first steps meant a new beginning 

And I travel to my past through old poetry 

Written on lined paper 

With every line, I hear a teacher’s praise 

With every stanza, I remember a teacher’s remark   

And through these immortal pages

I see my words grow with the growth of my bones 

Each word I write is crafted by previous knowledge 

Each poem I finalize is manufactured by an acquired skill

Hold my mother’s hand till I walk by myself 

Observe the world till I create my own 

And I write these words the way my teachers taught me 

Walk on this earth the way my grandmother taught me 

Smile with kindness the way my mother taught me 

And beneath the mess of letters and words 

There’s an organized chaos of sentiments  

Thoughts scrambled on the center of each page  

Letters dancing with words   

My pen shakes with anticipation; delicately wanting to fill these pages with feelings 

Each word I write translates to something applicable  

And my emotions are tamed by the rules of literature 

About the author

Yara Ajeeb is a 2nd year student in the ALC program. 

About the illustrator

Samira Ashian is a first year Illustration student.


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