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By Nicasia James May 8, 2019

Girl In The Mirror

Illustrated by Cynthia Goguen

At night, in the mirror, I see a girl.

She stands and stares back with dullness in her eyes.

Her beliefs infiltrate mine, my thoughts become a tangle of unease

Her glare grips me tight,

a grasp I can’t break free of.


I seek her praise, I ache for her love

An emotion I know she doesn’t posses

Years and tears later, she still can only see my faults.

 Words are not needed; her scowl says it all

A beam that burns holes in the fabrics of my being


She picks apart my body till I’m nothing but an empty figure

Holding up by the frail strings of hope

She scorns me, clutches my insecurities and leaves gashes in my soul

with every strike

heaving shivers down my spine

But I stand there

Still as the night air


Agreeing with the shame

Even when I don’t want to

What choice do I have?

She’s always right.

No one is as consistent in my life as she is.

I’m always left alone when the day turns dark

All I have is her

The girl in the mirror.

About the author

Nicasia James is a 2nd year student in Enriched Science.

About the illustrator

Cynthia Goguen is a first year Illustration student.


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