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By Joseph Zsombor-Pindera September 25, 2013


In my life I've been to many places
Through space, through time;
I've tunnelled through life from rhyme to rhyme
But there's always been one constant:
One place I find myself, 
      Through good health and bad
      From new leader to new fad
One place I find myself in contemplation
As I write this I look out your bumpy pane
Searching for inspiration
      That calm muse I find only in isolation
Oh 51, you are the key to my imagination

About the author

Joseph is a science student attending Dawson College. He likes to play piano, and draw pictures. During the summer he is a treeplanter and travelling hippie -- and during the winter he is the dead opposite. He also writes short stories and prose and would like to write a book, but it's stacked up in disorganized piles of looseleaf. He would say his top 5 authors for literary inspiration are: Kurt Vonnegut, John Steinbeck, Khalil Ghibran, Herman Hesse and Robertson Davies.


Illustration by Joseph Zsombor-Pindera


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