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By Rei Stephen Sison March 6, 2020

Dusk & Dawn

Illustrated by Lauriane Carignan

Dusk (Top to Bottom) 


Living is meaningless 

You should never think that 

Life is a beautiful gift 

Discard such deception as atrocity 

Future defined by your past alone 

An influence to keep within 

Growth is worth having and fighting for 

 An idea for the naive 

Dreams are unreachable expectations 

Accept and never feel defeat 

To show comprehensive appreciation 

Is a privilege of no use 

Inner regret held cautiously 

A thought of the tenacious 

Owning every second this life gives 

will only dishearten you 

Fearing your fears 

These are the absolute approaches to life 

Give up on your dreams 

And never 

Accept yourself 


Dawn (Bottom to Top) 

About the author

Rei Stephen Sison is a student in General Social Science. 

About the illustrator

Lauriane Carignan is a mixed media artist who is currently studying Illustration at Dawson College. She aspires to be a full-time illustrator and concept artist. You can view Lauriane's work here.


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