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Mathieu Larone   March 15, 2014

The Madness Within

Homo sapiens are and will always be insanely fascinating to me. Insanely fascinating because what we can find in our minds can sometimes be very disturbing and dark. This is what I try to illustrate in my sketchbooks. I feel like the quickest approaches to drawing can sometimes convey the most insanity and this is something that I try to explore. A lot of my drawing might seem crude and dark and for some reason this is something that I enjoy immensely. The crude nature of human emotion is really the basis of most of my work. Although madness can be hard to define in a concrete way, I think that the eyes play a huge role in conveying this untapped flow of madness that is hidden in all of us. A lot of my figures and faces also seem to adopt a shameless stare. Such a stare might often seem so simple but hidden under it is a constant flow of thoughts that we cannot control.

Contrast also plays a huge role in defining the mood some of these drawings. The use of black ink has always been a pleasure to me simply because you can’t erase it. You are stuck with what comes out. Exploring huge shadows that contribute to bizarre and uneasy scenes helps when it comes to creating my images and characters. Although most of these drawings were done on the bus or while in the metro, I enjoy looking back on them and seeing how the madness that I strive to create also evolves with me.

Mathieu Larone, first year Illustration & Design student, 2013-2014 academic year


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    Nancy Pettinicchio

    May 4, 2014

    So amazing.

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    April 17, 2015

    Your drawings were amazing. The way you decided to use the pen was totally new to me. When we talk about drawing, it is always something in color and well done without no imperfections. You decided to exhibit the real human that we all are. Even though you said it was expressing madness, I feel like it is not only madness, but the realness of a human being. We are all smeared in some way. However, your drawings totally show the real madness of the few bad apple of the society( but they are still edible. We just have to clean them more carefully) . Well, good job. I liked it. smile

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    April 17, 2015

    These drawings are incredibly deep and do portray a dark, insane, maybe even horrific side of humans. It seems that there are always those sick-minded people in the world, wherever you go some people are born with a dark or crazed component deep inside of them that is either apparent throughout their childhood or comes out after is triggered somehow, maybe by a dramatic event. The pictures smiling clearly show that these people crazy but in all of the pictures the people seem to be staring at something with heavy eyes that mask the sick thoughts going through their heads. I think the enjoyment from these pictures come from the thrill of being scared as they are all scary, dark pictures.

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    March 19, 2016

    I found this exhibit extremely unique due to it’s honesty. I find that art traditionally has an inaccurate representation of the world we live in. It often either shows it in it’s best light, or shows what one wishes the world was truly like. Exhibits can easily be a way for an artist to escape into a different time or environment, one he most likely thinks would be better. Art often glamorizes a cold and narcissistic world. This art exhibit however, does not. It represents the world in its true form. Each character exhibits raw emotions and shows how everybody is a little mad.Everybody is imperfect and a little weird, yet that is what makes life so interesting. This art exhibit beautifies the world, but in a very honest way, without glamorizing it. It shows the world for what it truly is (absolute madness) but in a way that shows that the bad isn’t always as bad as it seems. Long story short, I appreciated this exhibit’s sincerity.

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