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Dang Khoa Vo   November 27, 2011

Portraits & Expressions by Dang Khoa Vo

My favorite approach to drawing and painting is portraiture. I try to approach the design of each piece differently in order to express my message.  Also, by using one dominant color in a painting or a drawing, I emphasize different feelings in each portrait.  I believe it is important to evoke emotions through my artwork.  A different interpretation for each artwork and a unique connection with each piece is what I hope for each viewer to experience.

Dang Khoa Vo, 2011

Dang Khoa Vo

Dang Khoa Vo is a second year student in the Illustration & Design Program of Dawson College.  He enjoys the watercolour medium, and he experiments with textured surfaces to achieve sumptuous visual effects.  His artwork is characterized by dynamic graphic elements that create a "windswept" movement through his compositions.  In addition to his schoolwork, he is active as a freelance artist outside of the school environment.


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    November 30, 2011

    The shading techniques really give depth and dimension to your work, but your use of color is what really captures my attention. For example the subtle use of color against the black really makes your drawings stand out and make us notice all the fine detail you put in your work”. While the use of complementary and contrasting colors in “Spark in the Dark” is captivating and the texture of water spots on the painting give it a dream like quality that is really inspiring. I Hope to see more of your work in the future. P.s. if you like emotionalism inspired paintings try to check out Andre Desjardins’ work.

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    November 30, 2011

    The art is amazing. The “sensual” and “spark in the dark are breathtaking.” They caught my eye out of the eight painting. Also, there is a real emotional connections, something very real in these two paintings. The shading techniques around the eyes in the “sensual” painting reminds me of the carnival , furthermore, it has a very free emotion to me.  The painting itself feels as if the woman is setting herself free, whether or not it may be through sensuality. “Spark in the darks’ colors are captivating. There is a sense of sadness , within the beauty of the painting .

  1. Dang Khoa Vo

    Dang Khoa Vo

    November 30, 2011

    Thanks you so much for the complement ! I feel very glad to see your different reactions and point of views from my artworks , very interesting !

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    December 2, 2011

    You have an incredible sense of color, which is what really makes your work unique. These images have a wonderful glowy, ethereal quality to them which makes them very eye-catching, especially in “Spark in the Dark,” “Butterfly” and “Sensual.” I also loved the emotion you captured in the eyes of most of your figures. Mirror is a very unique piece. The shattered face is very thought-provoking and the background shapes create a very composition. I very much enjoyed your artwork. You are quite skilled in capturing the essence of a human being-you can feel the soul behind each one of your figures. Great job on this collection, you’re a very good portrait artist.

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    December 3, 2011

    I am not an artist in terms of painting/drawing/sketching, but I do appreciate this form of art and pay attention to small deails, as well as techniques, for everything that creates an image, I believe, is a detail that matters. Your pictures are absolutely stunning, and I am in love with the water colour effect that you have used.Your colours are vibrant, and yet, I feel like they have been carefully chosen to evoke the necessary emotion you wish to capture, according to the title of the image, and you have done that very successfully. I feel like I am experiencing a moment of sensuality when I look at Sensual, and Silence sets off a defensive air. Spark In The Dark is captivating, you use of colours is enchanting.
    You have such a gift!

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    December 4, 2011

    The colors you use just really speak out to the viewer. I am far from an expert when it comes to this type of art, but I loved the pinks/purples and blues that are used and how they are blended together so effortlessly, like they are just one big color of their own. It makes it seem other-worldly, almost mystical. You managed to bring life to your characters, especially through their eyes. I was just staring at the eyes of “Spark in the Dark” and there is just so much emotion there. She almost looks sad, and also like she is longing for something or someone.  The girl in the “Butterfly” has a mischievous look, very playful. Your meticulous attention to these details helps create a real connection with your audience.  You have an amazing talent!

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    December 7, 2011

    With the combination of one dominant color along with blank faces for the majority of his portraits it allows the viewer to keep a great amount interest on why that character is feeling a certain way. The colors bring out certain emotions such as blue for sadness, red for anger or frustration. There is a natural wonder of why these people are feeling this way. They become personal and it allows the audience to feel connected in some way to the characters. They’re hinting something, but we don’t know what it could be because they have no words to tell us why they’re feeling that way. All we have are colors and they’re facial expressions allowing for people to question a great deal on what it is they’re trying to get at, which in turn is exactly what Dang was trying to do. Dang wants every person to have a different perception on what his pieces are about. This was a great exhibition to look at, nicely done.

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    Barbara Freedman

    December 16, 2011

    Love your exhibition. Is there a way to see these live?
    Thanks so much for showing this amazing collection.

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    April 29, 2012

    When I saw your first picture I had to open your exhibit to see all of your other drawings. They are so amazing. You have a true talent. The way you use your color to add to a black drawing is spectacular. Your art work makes me want to watch you in action when you are actually painting these. You put so much detail into your work which makes it very eye catching and not to mention the color also. Thank you very much for showing us your talented work. Kudos to you!

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    March 6, 2014

    “Nature” and “Spark in the Dark” really spoke to me.  When I look at Spark in the Dark I feel like this woman is dreaming yet seems very sad.  She in a way compels you to feel her sadness.  The way you drew her eye and used the color in Nature represents both strength and also the fragility of nature.  When you are in the nature, all is beautiful, like her eye. The use of black and of the diluted colors makes me feel that the man who abused her takes her beauty away, like people who are destroying nature.  Overall, all of your pieces captivate the eye with their vibrant color, and you have an ability to give life and emotion to every piece.

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    March 9, 2014

    The mix of purple and blue are really vibrant. This piece is very simple,by its complete white background but yet it is really captivating The set of colors and the simpleness of this piece makes it melancholic and the look on that woman’s face is just incredible,she seems to be looking at something very far away and seems happy,yet sad. I think she is secret in a way. The fact that we can’t directly tell what she seems to be feeling means the work is well done
    Bravo !

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    Gg thompson

    March 13, 2014

    My favourite piece in this exhibit is the sensual piece. The blue mask around her eyes make her look more mysterious and alluring. Her face is very delicate and soft yet her eye give her a more strong like persona. Eyes, lips and hair are usually the elements that are considered most attractive with females, so by Dang putting these elements in colour its almost like he wanted to show the importance of them. I also enjoy how Dang uses different mediums in order to create this piece, it makes it a lot more interesting than using only one.

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