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By Stephanie Oluwadayi September 16, 2014

Hustle Vision

I see a vision,

I see it clear,

I believe in my vision,

I want to get there.


People may laugh at you,

mock you, push you

to the side and say you are not good

enough. They are always there

to stand as distractions as you reach

for your goals but pressures

shouldn’t weigh you down.


Times will come when my decisions might seem foolish to the world but

I always have a spark of madness.

No matter the difficulty, I can always keep pushing,

I can always keep trying, always keep fighting

Because I always have to pay the price

to get the price.


Life is unfair

Life is war, life is unclear.

It sometimes shuts the door.

The choices I make now determines the future.

I hear myself say, ‘’THIS IS ME.”


I open my eyes, there is a light at the tunnel’s end

I look within

I keep looking

Slowly! I keep looking


There is light, I smell it

I see it, I feel it

I fall, I crawl, I stand for it

My hustle! My dream!


  1. space-default-avatar


    December 8, 2014

    this is a very interesting poem. Although it’s mostly talking about achieving ones dream, it feels like there a deeper meaning. sometimes people tell you that its hard or even impossible to achieve a dream or a desire, we still have to have faith that we can do anything. i have experienced this feeling that we cant accomplish our dream a long time ago, but i never gave up. this poem really shows us that life is hard, but we can toughing through it.

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