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By Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux April 11, 2012

Hot for Hay Fever

The last major production for the Dawson College Professional Theatre program is opening this week! Hay Fever is sure to have us all laughing our way through the dregs of final semester work. The story, written by Noël Coward, involves the comic antics of the Bli

ss family one weekend. Each of the members of this dysfunctional English family of two grown-up children, a father locked in solitude working on his novel, and the lady of the house, the ravishing Judith Bliss, all decide in the same weekend to invite their lovers and friends to spend the night. What ensues is the witty and ridiculous, sometimes painful-to-watch comedy of manners, set in the quiet country of the roaring twenties.

This play’s humour draws heavily from Judith’s air of drama and sorrow, a trait it is clear she has endowed her children with in smaller degrees. In the first scene she announces that she will be returning to the stage with one of her hit shows, and we get a "play-ception" with a performance within a performance. Then, the guests arrive. Witty, stylish and full of farce, the story is only the canvas that the Professional Theatre program has painted over with delicious costumes, a fantastical set and our homegrown brand of performance art. The whole show feels as luxurious as chocolate, ridiculously over the top but so good you`ll still want more when it`s done.

We hope to see all you young flappers there, dahling.


Monday, April 16 - 7:30 pm
Tuesday, April 17 - 7:30 pm


Wednesday, April 18 - 8:00 pm

Performance Dates

April 19-21 - 8:00 pm
April 26-28 - 8:00 pm


Saturday, April 28 - 2:00 pm


Saturday, April 28 - 8:00 pm


About the author

Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux is in her first year of the Dawson Theatre Program. She also makes a hobby of freelance writing, modeling and looking for a part-time job.


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